Jack Purvis

Live coding environment for real-time visual performance that bridges the gap between creative coding and VJing. Offers user interfaces to easily interact with Processing sketches live coded in Ruby and a simple API for mapping visuals to audio or MIDI controllers. Implemented using Electron, React, JRuby, and Processing.

Refinery UI

Industrial themed component library for developing user interfaces with TypeScript, React, and Sass. Currently in development with a plan to release as open source.

Live Performance Art

Outside of daylight hours, I perform as a DJ and VJ under the artist names Innerbound and VISOR respectively. My VJ practice involves using my custom Visor software to bring together the art of VJing with live code and perform live visuals that flow smoothly and synchronously with music. My DJ practice involves using a custom Raspberry Pi setup to present a melodic, progressive, and driving sound that explores the inner world by journeying through varieties of house and techno music. More recently, I have been experimenting with integrating my DJ and VJ setups to create a unified audiovisual performance act.

Maltopi Designer

Web-based clothing customiser for the sports team wear brand, Maltopi. Allows users to design football kits with a variety of customisations including colours, patterns, and logos. A quote can be requested from Maltopi to produce the custom kit. Implemented with p5.js, React, and Firebase.

Smoke Simulation for Real-time Music Visualisation

This project investigates how the analysis of live audio can be used to drive a real-time smoke simulation, producing a music visualisation. To maximize performance the simulation is implemented on the GPU. Vorticity confinement and buoyancy forces are implemented to improve the smoke quality. Logarithmic frequency scaling and windowing are implemented to improve the quality of the audio analysis. Multiple music visualisations are implemented to illustrate the kind of effects that are possible when integrating audio analysis and a smoke simulation. This project is implemented using C++, OpenGL, and GLSL shaders.

Unvanquished, Open Source Game Project

Level designer and environment artist for a real-time strategy game played as a first-person shooter. Working with NetRadiant, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Audacity.