Jack Purvis


Jack Purvis is a software developer, computational artist, and computer graphics masters student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His research interests include real-time computer graphics, creative coding, live coding and music visualisation. He also works as a developer at Optimal Workshop where he has gained an interest in user experience and user interface design. At the crossroads of programming, design and human-computer-interaction; Jack’s work combines his interests by exploring the development of new performance software that overlaps both live coding and video jockey practice. Jack’s work strives to create better user experiences through software to enable exciting dynamic performances.

Current Projects


Visor is a live coding environment for real-time visual performance. Visor bridges the gap between creative coding and VJing by offering user interfaces to easily interact with live coded Processing sketches. Visor offers a simple API for mapping visuals to audio or MIDI controllers, all in the expressive Ruby programming language.

Past Projects

Smoke Simulation for Real-time Music Visualisation

Simulating smoke and other fluids for computer graphics is a challenging task. How can such an effect be influenced by a dynamic input such as music to create an appealing visualisation? This project investigates how the analysis of live audio can be used to drive a real-time smoke simulation, producing a music visualisation. To maximize performance the simulation is implemented on the GPU and the results are compared against a CPU implementation. Vorticity confinement and buoyancy forces are implemented to improve the smoke quality. Logarithmic frequency scaling and windowing are implemented and evaluated to improve the quality of the audio analysis. Multiple music visualisations are implemented to illustrate the kind of effects that are possible when integrating audio analysis and a smoke simulation.